Michael Ellner, CHT, is a certified medical hypnotist in private practice in New York City. He teaches advanced courses in medical hypnosis at schools throughout North America and South Africa and is a featured instructor of Hypnotic Pain Relief, Effective Medical Communication and Stress Management at the annual PAINWeek conference.


Ellner has conducted webinars in Patient Interaction and Rapport Building for radiologists, internists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors for ExecSense, the world's leading webinar publisher for medical and top business professionals. He is the lead author of a peer reviewed paper: Hypnosis in Disability Settings IAIABC Journal, Vol. 46 No. 2.


For more information you can e-mail him at michaelellner2@gmail.com or visit his website:


Kelley T. Woods, CHT, has been in private clinical hypnosis practice for over a decade in Mount Vernon, Washington. She is a well-respected hypnosis mentor and educator and is considered a thought leader in Pediatric Hypnosis.


Kelley is a mother, an entrepreneur  and holder of a second degree black belt in shito ryu karate.


Email:     Kelley@woodshypnosis.com

Website: www.woodshypnosis.com