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 We've designed a guide specifically for physicians -

Hope is Realistic 

A Physician's Guide for Helping Patients

Take Suffering Out of Pain

Treating patients who are living with chronic pain just got easier and more effective! Ellner and Woods deliver an evidence-based model and toolbox that enhances conventional pain management. 

People who feel better, heal better and suffer less pain.  Educating patients about the relationship between the sensations they feel and how they feel about them can help doctors help chronic pain patients gain a sense of control and some relief.

Mindfully helping chronic pain patients shift from feeling like helpless victims to feeling like hopeful, active participants in managing their pain reduces suffering, increases the effectiveness of your treatments and promotes improved health, healing and well being. 


Reviews for our Physician's Guide:


 "Michael and Kelley make Hope is Realistic a recipe rather than a concept. Addressing chronic painful issues includes using the perceptions of patients to step beyond suffering and regain a sense of control in life. The simple practices suggested here will improve your life while helping you to better assist your patients."

Daniel R. Cleary, Pain Relief Educator and author of TARGETING PAIN, A Practitioner's Guide to Relief

“A healing journey from fear and pain to confidence and peace."

Barnett J. Weiss, CSW, Former Seminar Director of The New York Society for Milton H. Erickson M.D., Psychotherapy and Hypnosis  (NYSEPH)


"Exceptional. I have applied these techniques and teachings to my personal life and my practice."

G. Ernest Lofton MD, MPH. CH

"I applaud this important and thoughtful initiative that certainly benefits both patients and their caregivers."                              Wes Rocki, MD, PhD, CHt, MIM